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Farm Made, Premium, Organic Topsoil, Compost and Potting Soil

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Premium Organic Topsoil

In the past, topsoil was known to take over 100 years and more to build up. Now more than ever it's difficult to find any real topsoil in the marketplace, or on our own properties. Gas powered blowers blow all leaves and organic matter away weekly, farmland is diminishing and there is little knowledge out there about how to grow the soil organically than in the past. 


We have found a real topsoil that took almost 100 years to build on land that has been roamed by pasture raised dairy cows and now we are offering it to you.  If you are looking for a new topsoil supplier, we have large quantities of this incredible soil sold in bags or totes. Order yours today!

Two hands holding premium organic topsoil
bag of premium organic topsoil on hillside

Farm Made Organic Compost

Most of us don't have enough compost from our home composting system for our land's trees, shrubs, plants and food gardens. The selection of good, live, organic compost out there is slim. In addition to this, the confusion of all the fertilizers, liquids, powders, and numerous soil products out there keeps us from using what our countries have used lifetimes ago. 

We have found a source of compost that is purely composted from this land where pasture raised dairy cows roamed for almost a century. It is alive with good, active biology and mimics nature as compost is the best thing to grow, amend and topdress your soil with. If you are looking for a new organic compost supplier, we have large quantities of this farm made organic compost sold in bags or totes. Order yours today!

Scooper in white bag of farm made organic compost

Premium Organic Potting Soil

Potting soil mixes have been the rage in gardening and landscaping since the 1960's when Cornell University introduced their peat-lite mixes to grow nursery plants in. The problem back then, just like the problem today, is that most of the bagged soil mixes are full of chunks of wood, conventional ag by-products, green waste, and other fillers that don't get the job done. 

At Number 2 Organics, we created a beautiful base potting soil that is alive with microbial diversity. Our Farm Made Organic Compost drives the energy of this peat and pumice based soil. It is truly a unique offering, a living soil, in a market that is anything but alive. If you are looking for a good source of premium organic potting soil sold in bags or totes, Contact Us here!

Bags of premium organic potting soil

We've had a lot of requests for our premium organic soil products. If you want the nursery or store near you to carry Number 2 Organics, please ask their BUYER to bring us in. 

White bag of Potting Soil in Cottage Garden

If you are a Store that would like to carry our soil products, or have an interest in Private Label Opportunities, please Contact Us below.

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