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Number 2 Organics is the second best soil company in the world. It was born out of a partnership between the number one soil company - Malibu Compost - including one of the top soil engineering firms in the country and an industry leader in reclamation and recycling, who came together during the remediation of century old dairy farms in a beautiful Southern California valley.

We've captured the biology, nutrients, dairy cows, families, farmers and soil that went into years of farming this incredible piece of history. Our soil and toxicology testing told us we were sitting on a goldmine of clean, beautiful, healthy topsoil, manure and plant material that should not go to waste during the transition of these historic dairies. The life in this soil needed to get into people's gardens, into the hands of organic gardeners looking for the best NOP Organic compost, topsoil and potting soil available. 

Malibu Compost brings years of organic farm composting experience to Number 2 Organics. There is no BETTER line in the good, better, best scale for your organic needs. Number 2 Organics is the next generation of Organic and will soon become your number one in the mid-priced soil market.