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Premium Organic Topsoil

We are your Premium Organic Topsoil supplier offering real topsoil that comes from 8"-12" beneath the surface of century old dairy farms in a beautiful Southern California valley. We have captured all of the high organic matter and microorganisms that thrive in this premium organic soil consisting of sandy loam and aged dairy cow manure. This is the perfect replacement for adding to depleted soil throughout your property that is void of topsoil and organic matter. Our Premium Organic Topsoil is also ideal for filling the bottom of raised garden beds, one of the biggest problems that veggie gardeners face. It is an excellent underlay for new sod and a great topper for lawn seed. There is no topsoil in the marketplace that has the vitality, life and clean sourcing as Number 2 Organics.

Front of white bag of Premium Organic Topsoil.
Back of white bag of Premium Organic Topsoil.
  • Clean, Multi-Use Garden Soil

This organic topsoil can be used for a multitude of purposes including uneven surfaces, lawns, raised beds, fruit tree bases and more.

  • Contains Aged Dairy Cow Manure

No other topsoil in the marketplace has this in their topsoil.

  • Adds Organic Matter to Existing Soil

Our testing showed 11% - 17% of organic matter in this organic topsoil.

  • Great for Filling the Bottoms of Raised Beds

Save money by filling up to one half of your beds with this organic soil, and adding our Premium Organic Potting Soil directly above it to fill your beds. 

  • No Chicken Manure or Municipal Green Waste

Those items come mostly from conventional farming practices.

Close-up of two hands holding topsoil over a wheelbarrow full of topsoil.

Available in 1 cubic foot bags and 2 cubic yard totes


Topsoil, aged dairy cow manure, and concentrations of yarrow, chamomile, valerian, stinging nettle, dandelion and oak bark.

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