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It's Never too Late for Fall Composting

September, October and November are the best months to lightly top-dress our in-ground beds, raised bed planters, fruits trees, landscape trees, roses, flowering plants and shrubs with compost. For me, good quality, farm made, finished, real organic compost is just the trick for 1/8”-1/2” dustings of compost around everything… even better if there’s rain in the forecast to soak this beautiful creation of nature into the earth. If not, a light spritz with the watering wand set on SHOWER will work just fine.

The benefits of composting in the fall is that we give the biology, the soil microbes, one last feast of food in the form of clean organic matter that is loaded with nutrient and mineral, while also offering up the best food source you can add to your garden for larger soil animals to munch on and mineralize nutrient. Composting creates balance in the pH of your garden and also adds stability and aeration as it helps build the complexity of your soil into a really healthy soil.

Wherever you garden, now is the time for you to get some really good, real organic compost down in the garden. We also hope that you are making your own organic compost at home. It’s all about the inputs! That really does determine the outputs in your garden this fall or next spring when your garden awakens. If you don’t have enough of your homemade organic compost at home, I recommend the Farm Made Organic Compost from Number 2 Organics. It comes from century old dairies and from cows that lived in pasture. This amazing compost will do the tricks and help give your garden the vitality and support that a living compost can give. Happy and healthy gardening everyone.

compost sprinkled throughout raised garden bed
Adding Compost to Raised Beds

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